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Colonia Citizens Network

The Colonia Citizens Network (CCN) was launched on August 22nd 3302 as the Jaunt to Jaques expedition arrived at Jaques Station in the Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 system. Back then, Colonia was limited to a solitary station stranded twenty-two thousand light years from the nearest inhabited system. It was merely a tiny island lost in a galactic ocean vast beyond imagination. The exploration community sensed an incredible opportunity there – a chance to create something they felt the game had always needed: a united community of players.

CCN was established to provide the necessary infrastructure to allow those early Colonists to come together. It is a communications hub, a united identity, and a foundation. We, members of CCN, welcome all to the region. Colonia today is home to more than twenty player groups and CCN itself has over 1,800 members.

Things you should know

CCN is a player-based and player-run communications network. It is a structure at the disposal of groups and members to coordinate life and ideas in Colonia. It is open to anyone following the Rules and supporting the CCN.

  • It is not a general chat.
  • Anyone breaking the server Guidelines, the FleetComm in-game private group rules or the Elite: Dangerous Terms of Use (including ‘combat logging’) is likely to be warned, kicked or banned on the first offense.
  • We will not tolerate the sharing of game files or leaked/hacked content either; if you’re caught doing so, you may be reported to Frontier.
  • See the Guidelines for more details.
    Posters of forbidden content (click-bait, political, racist, religious, pornographic, gore or deliberately shocking and disturbing) will be banned on the first offense; this goes for the entire server, #memes channel included.



1. Civility
If a conversation isn’t constructive or meaningful to you, you should walk away from it. You don’t need the last word. CCN is not the place for arguments. If you’re seen arguing you will be cautioned and possibly banned. If you see an argument escalating please ping a Moderator.

2. Relevance
Keep conversations appropriate to the channel they’re in, and if a Moderator or Custodian asks you to take a conversation to a different channel, do so. #jaques-bar is for Elite-related conversations. Anything not related to Elite is for #off-topic, memes are for #memes and conversations with bots are for #bots.

3. Respect
Don’t talk about gender, politics, race, health or religion. It’s just easier. The pronoun ‘they’ is your friend. Naturally, anyone deemed to be saying offensive things or posting offensive content will be cautioned and most likely banned.
Equally, don’t overshare. If you feel close enough with someone to tell them something very personal, send it in a private message. Broadcasting very personal information or experiences can make others feel uncomfortable. If you do this expect a Moderator to ask you to stop – they are not being insensitive, just ensuring that CCN remains a positive and comfortable place for all.

4. Intellectual Property (IP)
Respect IP. Don’t use assets created by any member of CCN in any media without their express permission, and using any official CCN visual asset in any media not approved by a Media Head of Staff or Custodian is prohibited.

5. Conduct
If you take part in an event being streamed or appear on a CCN Livestream you are an ambassador for CCN. Give the galaxy a good impression of us! Don’t swear gratuitously and don’t be offensive.

6. Content
CCN is neither a general chat for buddies nor a dump for all the crap that can be found on the Internet. Keep your pictures, URLs, memes and others related to Elite and most-of-all non-offensive. You don’t know who is on the other side of your monitor, nor how sensitive they are. You are expected to use a low-tolerancy standard for the things you want to share. Any offensive content, in any form and on any obviously sensitive topic will be severely moderated and will expose you to a possible ban.

What is Discord?

Quoting the Discord App website, Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. It can hold a tremendous amount of people and offers great management features, allowing us to build a complex structure for the purpose of hosting several projects, expeditions, general chats, management channels and diplomatic rooms. Those who have known IRC will see the resemblance. The others may find the place a bit overwhelming at first (it’s a big place already), but the interface is very friendly and people will be happy to help you get a grip on it. Just ask!

The Colonia Citizens Network is a Discord server, counting several discussion channels, some open, some requesting a special permission. Discord manages various user permissions via roles, that stipulate what you can and can’t do and in what channel. Roles are stackable and hierarchically organized, meaning that your highest role outranks all the others and their set of permissions. You will find bots lurking on the server; these are not native to Discord but they are here mostly to perform automated task and help us with management, as well as providing EDSM information and such.

As a member of CCN, you will automatically be attributed the Colonist role by the bot Jeeves upon arrival on the server (unless the bot’s offline, in that case you’ll be in white instead of orange and should ping a Moderator). From there on, there is a set of roles that one can self-assign by requesting Jeeves; the other roles are by invitation only. If you wish to access a specific channel (for example, as a member of a Project), make sure you have the role that grants access to that channel. Not all projects have dedicated channels, it depends on the needs of said project; on the other hand, it’s not always obvious that a project (or a topic) has a dedicated channel, so make sure you have the roles corresponding to your projects or favourite topics, or you might miss out on things.

To assign a role to yourself, go to the #bots channel, and type a request to Jeeves as follow: @Jeeves join . Beware, the request is case sensitive; look out for extra spaces too. You can also right click on your name and select Roles > tick your role(s). If you need to ping a Moderator, use @ to notify them (they appear on the right panel of the Discord window).

Self-assignable roles

This list might lack temporary expedition-specific roles, so be sure to check about those on the expedition page when you sign up! The ‘Xbox Colonist’ role grants access to the #xbox-wing channel. The ‘Scientist’ role grants access to the #alien-research channel and is not tied to any project at the moment. The ‘In Colonia’ role can be auto-assigned by Jeeves if you use EDSM with EDDiscovery; it allows us to target certain announcement pertaining only to people in a 2,000ly radius of Colonia. It is perfectly optional.

Colonia Mapping Project Member
Exploration Wing Member
Local Region Survey Member
Colonial Rock Rat
Fuel Rat
Xbox Colonist
Census Officer
In Colonia (Please read our instructions on this role by clicking here

Non-assignable roles

The other roles, by invitation only, are management, diplomatic or honorary roles (ex. Outlander Challenger).

If you are a faction leader/representative and wish to join the Assembly as an Ambassador, ping a Moderator.
If you are an independent player wanting join the Colonia Militia Forces, contact Cmdr Qwertuiopas.
If you submit a new project or expedition, you will automatically be granted your project’s Leader role (unless you refuse it).

There is a lot to do! Don’t forget to ask if you have any questions.

Nota Bene: Discord allows the use of throwaway accounts, which is nice to step in quick and taste the waters before the big jump. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended to set up a registered Discord account before joining the server; for two reasons. The first one is that when you switch to a registered account, your throwaway account might stay on the server as a ghost account: we’d like to avoid this. The second one is that if someday we need to raise the security in the server, all non-registered accounts will be locked out.