Birth Of A Colony: The Colonia Story So Far

Jaques’ Big Jump (January 3302)

Inspired by the success of the Distant Worlds Expedition, Jaques decided he wanted to finally travel beyond human space and head out into the galaxy – namely to Beagle Point, some 65,000 light years from home on the far side of the galaxy.

In early May 3302 a Community Goal was launched that tasked the Fuel Rats with delivering hydrogen fuel to Gliese 1269, the fuel needed for Jaques to attempt the jump.


The Mystery of Jaques’ Disappearance (May 3302)

It was expected to take around one week for Jaques to reach Beagle Point. During that time the last remnants of the Distant Worlds fleet still out at Beagle Point prepared for his arrival. Anticipation grew, as two dozen fleet members regrouped at Darwin’s Legacy and looked forward to welcoming the Cyborg to the far galactic rim.

A week passed, yet Jaques failed to appear.


The Search Begins (Early June 3302)

Almost one month to the day that Jaques’ community goal had begun, and two weeks after being overdue at Beagle Point, the final 22 pilots of the Distant Worlds fleet still remaining at Beagle Point regrouped once more and began a coordinated search of the system.

The pilots found no sign of the starport in orbit around any of the Beagle Point worlds, so eventually the search focused around the Darwin’s Legacy basecamp itself. Over the course of a weekend the search party covered 20,000 square kilometers of surface area – looking for wreckage or any signs of the stricken starport.

Eventually the search was called off and all hope of locating Jaques seemed lost. He could be anywhere, a needle in a celestial haystack.


A Chance Discovery (Late June 3302)

On the 29th June 3302, Cmdr Cly–a budding explorer–was looking for places to go visit out in the black. He happened to be scanning the galactic map on his NavCom whilst docked at a station in the bubble and something caught his attention–a faint signal among a backdrop of noise. On close inspection he noticed an anomaly – a solitary system 22,000 light years from Sol, situated on the outer edges of the western galactic core regions, a system highlighted against a million grey blobs.

Within hours Cly had refitted his Anaconda for exploration and had begun a quest to see what was out there. Some thirteen hours later, he reached the system on the near edge of the Colonia Nebula, a system designated EOL PROU RS-T D3-94. A quick scan of the system revealed its secret: Jaques station had been located.

Although most of its systems were offline, the station was still operational, with docking facilities and a basic commodity market still functional.


Rescue Jaques (Early July 3302)

Within hours of Jaques’ discovery, Cmdr Olivia Vespera launched a tentative effort to rally pilots to his cause. Cmdr Olivia Vespera was a Distant Worlds veteran who had flown the fleet flagship, a Lakon Type 9, all the way to Beagle Point. The goal was to deliver meta alloys from Maia out to Jaques and help bring the starport back up to full operational power.


Olivia Vespera’s memorable invitation

Soon after, the CCN concept was conceived.

From there Olivia Vespera, along with players actively involved in the ‘Rescue Jaques’ meta alloy run and many of the people who had helped create Distant Worlds, worked together. These pilots would form the organizational foundation to create a thriving colonial identity via what was to become known as the CCN.

Beagle Point, once thought the furthest point from Sol possible to reach

Beagle Point, once thought the furthest point from Sol possible to reach

The search area

The EOL PROU Nebula, nicknamed ‘Colonia Nebula’, home to many explorers and adventurers

The anomalous navigational readings that gave away Jaques’ location