Rock Research Ring


The Rock Research Ring is mapping and researching the resources within the asteroid fields and on the planetary surfaces of Colonia. It grows a database to locate mining resources and micro materials with pinpoint accuracy.

Being in an entirely untouched, pristine and very star dense area we have the opportunity to provide Colonia with all the resources it needs and attempt to uncover distribution patterns along the way to further improve our methods of discovering new resources.

Project Coordinator: YinYin


The collected data is currently being stored on the Miners and Rockrats google drive, keeping track of the following things:

  • Asteroid micro material distributions per location
  • Individual belt asteroids and their content
  • Colonias resource extraction sites
  • Asteroid maps of resource extraction sites

To help the RRR and have access to the work files, join the Colonial Rock Rat role on the CCN Discord server.


asteroid materials

Contributing to the asteroid materials list is as easy as sending mining journal logs to YinYin. The materials you collected per location will be automatically extracted and added to the empirical distributions. It takes at least 20 material drops for a distribution to appear within the other documents.

belt asteroids

The belt asteroids list is open for direct contribution. Most important here is learning the cluster asteroid numbering first by mining with the list for a while. Then you can start to complete missing data points and even add new unmapped asteroids to the list.

resource extraction sites

Resource extraction sites change slowly enough for that list to be maintained manually. If you see a status change, a new extraction site or one listed that doesn’t exist anymore, notify YinYin.

extraction site maps

The extraction site maps are open for direct contribution as well. However you will need to create a mapping profile to mark new asteroids on them.

The Asteroid Almanac is the first result of the belt cluster survey. It can be used to predict the content of yet unmapped cluster asteroids and thus speed up finding new resources. Image link