Mercury 7 Expedition


    Mar. 5th 3303 > Jun. 11th 3303


    Colonia > Wagar’s Reach > Eol Prou LW-L c8-76

  • MODE

    Any / FleetComm PG recommended


    Chart a less-known region of the Galaxy


    Open to all ships


    Returned to Colonia

Expedition Leader: Yanick

Contact: Yanick

Official Roster: Here

EDSM Waypoints: Here

A tribute to America’s First Astronauts

The Mercury 7 were the first group of American Astronauts to go into space. A bunch of highly adept, and brave men who risked much, to explore the final frontier. They are legends of space. With the death of John Glenn recently, all of them have now passed on. So I shall be organising this Expedition, in tribute to those great men.

The main objective will be to cast a light, on to some areas of the Galaxy that have not been sufficiently explored. For this Expedition, these are:

  1. The Orio-Persean Conflux
  2. Wagars’ Reach
  3. Zephyrus

By using EDSM to record the systems that we find, we can make contribution to the knowledge of the Galactic Mapping Project. Being on EDSM isn’t a requirement for this expedition, but like EDDiscovery, it’s a useful tool for explorers to have. The Expedition will depart, and return to Colonia Hub, Colonia system. The site of previous hijinx at the stations opening ceremony!

The date of departure is Sunday March 5th. We will be returning to the Colonia region, to Colonia Dream, Eol Prou LW-L c8-76, on Sunday June 11th, as our final desination. After having done the circuit, through the waypoints and camps.

I’d reccomend going with ships that have a range of 30ly or more, for ease of travel. Although crossing between the galactic arms, I don’t think should be much of an issue for ships with a jump range of around 20ly.

In the top right corner of this page there are links to the following:

  • The expedition sign up form.
  • The EDSM page where you can see the waypoints of the expedition.
  • A link to join the CCN discord, where we will communicate during the expedition and the build up. When you’ve joined the Discord, go to the Bots Channel. Then ask to be assigned the Mercury 7 Expedition role by typing: @Jeeves join Mercury 7
  • The form to join Fleetcomm (the private group we will be flying in)

Many Thanks

Commander Yanick

Original thread here.

Whatever happens, keep the dream alive.Deke Slayton, Mercury 7 Astronaut