The CCN Exploration Wing

The CCN Exploration Wing is home to pilots interested in exploring the area around the Colonia Nebula – the Outer Core, the Festival Grounds, Fallows, and Colonia proper. Commanders from the Exploration Wing contribute to the Galactic Mapping Project, the Neutron Highway Project, and the Greater Colonia Catalog, as well as working with the Colonia Militia Forces and CCN prospectors to scout location in the Colonia area.

While anyone can explore anything they want, one of the focuses of the group is to provide a forum for larger projects, and working to establish Colonia as a hub for galactic exploration and a center for knowledge and research. Members of the Exploration Wing have access to a number of powerful tools for collaboration. These help enable explorers to retain the loose, freeform mode of exploration that many deep space explorers favor while increasing the impact of their exploration efforts. This has paid off immensely. As of the beginning of October, CCN explorers have contributed data to roughly 5% of the points of interest in the Galactic Mapping Project.

Project Coordinator: Satsuma

Greater Colonia Catalog

Another project of the CCN Exploration Wing is the compilation of a catalog of local points of interest. These include terraformable worlds, stellar features, and other interesting places that are not significant enough for inclusion in the Galactic Mapping Project. The General Colonia Catalog provides a common database for local points of interest, increasing understanding of the Colonia Nebula area, and forming a foundation for larger scale cartographic knowledge. The catalog is publicly accessible here.

The Exploration Wing uses Trello to work on their discoveries and submit new entries to the Galactic Mapping Project.

Galactic Map courtesy of EDSM