Cryptic Location Search

The Cryptic Location Search is an Earth-Like World hunt based on cyphers and enigmas, around the Colonia nebula.

Join us at Colonia Hub on Tuesday the 10th January 3303 for the next exciting and challenging Cryptic Location Search. Colonia Cryptic Location Search 3303 will take place in and around the Colonia nebula with all participating commanders gathering around 19:30 IGT till 19:55 IGT outside Colonia Hub, at 20:00 IGT the twenty locations and clues will be released and the hunt will begin. The first commander who can crack the code and provide proof of arrival at all twenty locations will receive a reward and the title of cryptic location master, there is also two runners up prizes for those not quick enough to be first past the line.

Project Coordinator: Wishblend

Careful! Sign up on the Thread and stay updated on Wishblend’s website. Information here will have a slight delay.


At 19:30 IGT on the 10th January I will start the countdown clock that will enable people to gather to be there when I release the information.
At 20:00 IGT I will update the CLS page with the cryptic clues and locations.
Use the examples of proof of arrival images shown on the right to see what is acceptable as proof of arrival.
All space locations will need your Cmdr’s name showing in the image.
All planet locations will need your Cmdr’s name showing in the image.
Note: You will need to land on planets and might need a fuel scoop.


Embrodered Cyptic Location Search Patch for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

  • 1st = Pack of their choice
  • 2nd = Assassin pack
  • 3rd = Assassin pack

Elite Prize Packs

The title of Cryptic Location Search Master.


If you are interested sign up by replying to the thread with the following: “Cmdr (enter name) signing up.” Commanders signed up in order registered:- Done up to post 14. Number of Cmdr’s Signed up = 12 Cmdrs.

  • CMDR Tharrn
  • CMDR Fellamee
  • CMDR Julian Winter
  • Cmdr Strid
  • CMDR Ultimus
  • CMDR Fractal Shard
  • CMDR RedWarriorHD
  • CMDR Derwent Liamsen
  • CMDR David St Hubbins
  • CMDR Deadbow
  • CMDR Lord_Omega
  • Cmdr Zer0gravity