Colonia Mapping Project

The Colonia Mapping Project is a mission to catalogue every body around Jaques Station, to provide information to assist exploration, discovery and colonisation around the Colonia Nebula.

With the establishment of a colony around Jaques station, over twenty-thousand light years from populated space, humans will once again demonstrate how little is beyond our reach. As more and more people inevitably make the grand journey across deep space in search of a new life, they will rely upon those who have gone before them to illuminate the risks and opportunities of this new world. The Colonia Citizen Network is proud to begin the daunting task of charting this strange new region of space properly, so that, as new infrastructure is developed, we know the most suitable places to build and to colonise. It is our hope that these efforts lay the foundation for a new bubble, a peaceful, stable place where people can come together, away from politics and war, to build a brighter future for us all.

Project Coordinator: Mad Bob Darrabo


Chart all planets, stars and moons within an area around Jaques. Take particular note of certain important bodies.

  • Earth-like worlds suitable for colonisation near Jaques
  • Rare mineral mining opportunities in the vicinity of Jaques
  • Barnacle-sustaining worlds as per this link (that’s the only one at our disposal at this moment)
  • Interesting landmarks or sights nearby
  • Survey of worlds within a certain distance of Jaques outwards- no immediate decision on the range, divide the area into block sectors and go outwards from there depending on the size of the team.

Survey Method

Before we continue, here is a brief overview of the survey method: leveraging crowd sourcing, third-party tools and automated data entry as much as possible. Our current goal is to have complete data on the 30 LY sphere around Colonia System loaded into for public use. The Scanning is done with an Advanced Discovery Scanner and a Detailed Surface Scanner. The scan data is picked up from the Commander Journal and loaded into using EDDiscovery.

Each week we select a weekly milestone of 50-80 systems from the 30 LY list to scan. We jump to the system of interest, and honk the Advanced Discovery Scanner to load up a full system map. We compare the map to the system in, to verify if the system has already been scanned and if the scan is complete. If yes, we mark it done and move on. If not, we scan every body in the system, one by one to load the data in. Optionally, we do a high orbit eyeball or a low orbit sweep of the planet to spot any feature of interest before moving to the next.


Coordinating Efforts – Discord, ED Discovery, & More

Please join the CCN Discord Server if you have not done so already. Then, please assign yourself the Colonia Mapping Project Member role by pinging Jeeves: @Jeeves join CMP Member (pay attention to capitalisation). Once that’s done, join the channel specific to this project and say hello.
EDDiscovery ( is a fantastic 3rd party tool for Explorers. It monitors the Commander Journal and tracks in game events as you play, providing a detailed means to view the history of your activity, including detailed scans of system bodies. It’s strength lies in the fact that it can scan events in the journal in the past and in real time, then upload the data into EDSM and to be shared with the player community at large.

Take the time to configure ( it to sync to  EDSM ( and []( (Via the EDDN – Elite Dangerous Data Network) so your scan data will be immediately uploaded and useable by CCN and other players.

Understanding the systems within the Colonia Nebula is key to forming a lasting settlement. The data we collect and collate will be used to

  • search for mining locations
  • scout for new systems for settlement
  • locate materials for synthesis and engineering
  • search for racing tracks or event locations
  • discover points of interest that feed into the Local Region Survey
  • or look for ideal planets hosting vulcanism, barnacles or plant life