Mercury 7 Expedition Returns Victorious

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The bold adventurers who have participated in the Mercury 7 Expedition (M7E) have now safely returned to the Colonia Region.

Named in honour of the seven brave astronauts who flew in Project Mercury (some of the earliest manned spaceflights from Earth in the mid-20th Century), the expedition was declared a huge success by organiser Commander Yanick.

He told the Gazette:

“It was a wonderful time of discovery, exploration and co-operation between commanders. In association with the Galactic Mapping Project, we solved the Ishtar Mystery and contributed 19 new points of interest to the EDSM map.”

“The commanders had a great time at meetups, and many new friendships have been forged along the way. We hope it has been a fitting tribute to the Mercury 7, those early space pioneers – and that in our own way, we have followed in their footsteps.”

In all, 84 pilots signed up for the expedition, amassing a total of 84,000 jumps and covering 1.7 MILLION light years over a three month period.

On returning to Colonia Dream, participants held a ceremony to mark the end of the M7E, and were treated to a flyby from members of the Colonia Militia, who turned out to honour these truly courageous explorers.


More stunning photographs from this expedition can be found here

Article photos courtesy Cmdrs Yanick, Bimse, Fru, Smudge-o-Tron

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