Colonia Resource Drive Declared Ore-some Success

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The Colonia Council’s call for resources to improve facilities in the Colonia Nebula region has been answered in the most resounding fashion.

208 pilots rushed to mineral-rich locations around Colonia, locating Gold, Gallite and Methanol Monohydrate to sell at Colonia Dream station, working so efficiently and tirelessly that the community goal, scheduled to last one week, was completed in an astounding two-and-a-half days. An incredible 260,095 tons of materials was provided, underlining what a huge undertaking this has been.

A spokesperson for the Colonia Citizen’s Network (CCN) had nothing but praise for the efforts.

“Colonia – as both an idea and a region – was built on co-operation; pilots, no matter what their allegiances or story, coming together to work for the good of the community. The manner in which this resource drive was conducted and completed is tremendously encouraging for the future of this new but steadily growing region of our galaxy.”

Further Community Goals are expected in the near future to further improve facilities. But with the dedication and determination shown these past few days, it seems that this community will be able to accomplish whatever is necessary to achieve great things.

Photographs courtesy of Cmdrs Hagz, Henry Sanlowe, Blue Blaze, Fru, and Whitmann

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