CCN Statement On “Thargoids Return”

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The leadership of the Colonia Citizen’s Network (CCN) have noted with concern recent events in the Bubble. According to reports, it is highly likely that in the near future the alien race known as the Thargoids will be returning to human space – for good or for ill. We understand this represents to many pilots merely opportunities – to study, communicate or more likely attempt to fight these visitors. However, there will be many commanders who want no part in this. Our scientists are of the opinion that historically this alien race has definitely not come in peace. That being said, they have seen no evidence of alien activity in the Colonia Region, and are therefore as certain as they … Read More

Mercury 7 Expedition Returns Victorious

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The bold adventurers who have participated in the Mercury 7 Expedition (M7E) have now safely returned to the Colonia Region. Named in honour of the seven brave astronauts who flew in Project Mercury (some of the earliest manned spaceflights from Earth in the mid-20th Century), the expedition was declared a huge success by organiser Commander Yanick. He told the Gazette: “It was a wonderful time of discovery, exploration and co-operation between commanders. In association with the Galactic Mapping Project, we solved the Ishtar Mystery and contributed 19 new points of interest to the EDSM map.” “The commanders had a great time at meetups, and many new friendships have been forged along the way. We hope it has been a fitting tribute to … Read More

CCN Declares Support For Salomé

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The announcement that Kahina Tijani Loren, AKA Salomé, is to emerge from hiding on April 29th 3003 has caused intrigue and excitement across the galaxy. The former Senator has promised to expose a huge conspiracy between the superpowers, possibly linked to the alleged alien activity seen in the last few months. The CCN leadership would therefore like to make the following statement: “CCN is, among other things, strongly in favour of sharing truth, and is just as strongly against the suppression of information. We stand beside Salomé in her quest to reveal information denied to humanity, and will assist her efforts in any way, using any and all resources available to us.”  

Colonia Resource Drive Declared Ore-some Success

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The Colonia Council’s call for resources to improve facilities in the Colonia Nebula region has been answered in the most resounding fashion. 208 pilots rushed to mineral-rich locations around Colonia, locating Gold, Gallite and Methanol Monohydrate to sell at Colonia Dream station, working so efficiently and tirelessly that the community goal, scheduled to last one week, was completed in an astounding two-and-a-half days. An incredible 260,095 tons of materials was provided, underlining what a huge undertaking this has been. A spokesperson for the Colonia Citizen’s Network (CCN) had nothing but praise for the efforts. “Colonia – as both an idea and a region – was built on co-operation; pilots, no matter what their allegiances or story, coming together to work for the good of the … Read More

Mercury 7 Expedition – Keep the dream alive!

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  Dedicated to seven brave men, the “Mercury Seven”, who pioneered manned spaceflight in the 20th century, the Mercury 7 Expedition will take its participants on a 68,000 light year round-trip through the mysterious north-western region of our galaxy. Only a few months after the beginning of official migration, the second major deep space expedition from the Colonia bubble launched from Colonia on March 5th, following the Colonia Circuit Expedition at the end of last year. In the last few weeks, busy deep-space ASPs and down-graded Condas have blocked landing-pads, lost commanders have been paging local ones for directions and the seemingly endless repeated question about the right outfitting has dominated social life. In addition, the increased number of tourist shipwrecks in Jaques Station’s mail-slot created … Read More

Colonia Racing Club – Flying Dangerously!

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Calling all speed freaks, daredevils and thrill-seekers! The Colonia Racing Club needs you – not only to race, but to track down new tracks and speed your way to new speedways. The Colonia Racing Club (CRC) will be launching in April, with a weekly meet to be held on Friday evenings. Commanders will be given the opportunity to race in different events over a “season”, including SRV drag and circuit races, and ship races in both circuit and point-to-point formats. Information about each new track will be released a week in advance of the meet, to enable pilots to have a chance to practice in their own time ready for Friday night’s mayhem. In addition, commanders are encouraged to submit their … Read More

Chariots of Fire

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The third weekend of the 3303 Colonia Olympics is approaching and with two major SRV events its series of funny ‘galactic outdoor sports’ continues. Time for a short roundup what has happened so far and a preview of coming events. “Living out here is always at the limit…” Cmdr Wishblend, widely-travelled explorer and head of the 3303 Colonia Olympics, explains her motivation to organize this series of extraordinary games, “…so why not have some fun together? That’s the idea behind the Colonia Olympics, besides welcoming our new neighbors from the CEI factions. To provide some diversion from their hard lives at the frontier.  With merely one million people living in the Colonia region at the moment, all of them struggling to … Read More

S.H.E.P.A.R.D. MISSION – The Silence of the Lamps

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When the members of S.H.E.P.A.R.D. MISSION finish their six month expedition through the galaxy this coming May, they will have followed a tradition as old as human civilization itself. We do not exactly know when the first humans recognized stellar patterns in Earth’s nightly sky, but the few remains that have withstood the test of time tell us that we have been interested in them from the very dawn of human civilization on. Pre-historic terran sites like Stonehenge, Göbekli Tepe, the Great Pyramid of Giza or Chichén Itzá were constructed precisely following stellar patterns; practically serving as seasonal markers, and spiritually serving to worship some of the innumerable little ‘lamps’ decorating Earth’s firmament.  Additionally, ancient astronomers, scholars and master builders … Read More

Cartography Report: High-G Volcanism

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EOL PROU IW-W e1-69 2 is a ringed Metal Rich World near the Colonia system. The massive planet is nearly 2,000 km larger in radius than Earth and sports over four times the gravity. The 4.27 Earth gravities is normally more than enough to keep would-be visitors at bay, but not for the CCN’s Colonia Mapping Project. After Silicate Geysers were found to be somewhere on the surface, the CMP dispatched a search team despite the risks. Cmdr Bimse was the first to stumble upon the volcanic location despite the odds. “I saw a red spot on the planet, and thought ‘maybe it could be there’, then I got there and randomly flew around, mainly in one direction and suddenly … Read More