If you lived here, you’d be home by now

Colonia is located 22,000 light years from humanity’s origin in the Sol System.  It’s quite the trip out here to be sure.  But Colonia has a lot to offer to the intrepid galactic explorer.  Pristine mining grounds, incredible exploration opportunities, the chance to be a trail blazer on the edge of “civilized” space, joining the local militia, and so much more.

Colonia is a true frontier.  Limited services, few stations, a place that doesn’t appeal to every commander in the galaxy.  If you’re not prepared for growing a new home for the future of humanity, Colonia might not be the place for you! In “The Bubble,” you can always find a cargo run, an engineer right around the corner, and well trafficked space.  In Colonia it’s up to you to forge your own story.  There are a handful of stations, missions, and guidance.  It is truly a frontier on the edge of the void.

Looking for a community?

The CCN always has something in the works.  Growing a new colony doesn’t have to be solitary work!

Colonia Careers

Like anything that matters in life, it’s going to take some time.  A new colony so far removed from “civilized space,” has many needs.  Supplies are stretched thin, labor  is needed, and there’s building that needs to be done.


Space stations don’t just pop up overnight!  Materials are needed in mass quantity.  And fortunately Colonia sits with untapped riches waiting to be exploited.  Pristine rings are available throughout many systems, offering the best of the best when it comes to mining opportunities.  The “Three P’s” can be found throughout the area, and are highly valued.  For miners in the bubble, these types of fields are unheard of.  And for the adventurous miner, your fortune is waiting for you in Colonia.  Without you we cannot build on the new frontier!


The Colonia Region represents our first viable colonization effort so far from our origins.  And there’s still so much we have to learn about the region.  Neutron fields are close by, incredible black hole fields as well.  The area is in a dense cluster of Nebula only a few thousand light years apart.  And only a handful of systems have really been charted since commanders started populating the system.  If you’ve longed for stretches of undiscovered systems, you may just want to call Colonia “home.”


The region is growing.  “System Authorities” are on the build, but can’t be everywhere in the region.  The opportunities for unpleasant encounters this far from structured environments is real.  As trade routes become established, mining fields become known, and expansion continues, there will be a need for security services offered to the residents of Colonia.  There’s no Federation, Empire, or Alliance out here.  With that in mind, there’s a need for pilots willing to risk it all to help grow this outpost into a new hub of galactic commerce.


Long haul truckers not only wanted, but needed!  Settling a new region of space is going to take time, materials, and goods.  Shipyards don’t build themselves, components for the latest and greats drives don’t come out of thin air.  Colonia needs a constant flow of supplies if the colonization effort is to succeed!  And that means there’s a constant need for goods from “The Bubble.”  If you play your cards right, and pick the right goods to ferry, you could find yourself building a financial empire based on trade goods.  Follow the established trade routes  or blaze your own along a neutron highway!

Passengers and Tourists

Tourists, famous explorers, and bored passengers are making their appearances in Colonia.  And for some members of the Colonia community, these individuals represent new opportunities.

Relatively short trips to local systems with unique features are now showing up regularly at stations throughout the region.  And these passengers are often willing to pay substantial amounts to visit systems in the area.  Savvy commanders may find their way to new revenue streams.

  • Find your passenger with more money than sense

    “Famous Explorers” are looking to see what’s beyond Colonia. These individuals don’t even have their own ships, yet are somehow famous explorers? No matter, some are willing to pay you enough to equip your own new tourism fleet. Find them at stations throughout Colonia.

  • Ferry your passengers with caution

    Provide a nice, safe, and relaxing flight to your passenger’s location of choice. Take a few moments to scan a beacon, land on a planet, or just do a fly by. They’ll tell you when their objective has been reached.

  • Return to Colonia and cash in!

    If you enjoy exploration, there are passengers willing to pay millions of credits for a trip. You get to explore and gather data, and get extra pay from your passengers! It’s a win / win situation for the savvy commander! Ending 3302 with a bang, one Colonia Citizen pulled in roughly 100 million in passenger fees, 10 million in exploration data, and had an enjoyable 7 day trip near the core!