Colonia Militia Forces


As the Colonia region rapidly expands and becomes self-sufficient through the Colonia Expansion Initiative, it becomes a more attractive military target. Recent events in the bubble suggest that an exodus is planned – and while Colonia will welcome all refugees, there is the risk that a superpower or major corporation will attempt to take Colonia by force. Occasional pirates and raiders, attracted by the growing wealth and population of the region, also strike at the spacelanes.

Meanwhile, the Colonia region itself is still largely unexplored, and threats may arise closer to our home, that we currently know little about.

The Colonia Militia Forces were originally founded to keep the peace between the groups rescuing and repairing Jaques’ Station, by allowing combat pilots from a range of organisations to fly and train together.

Following the Colonia Expansion Initiative, responsibility for system security has been transferred to the settler groups, and the Militia’s role has shifted to protecting Colonia against external threats. However, many aspects of the Militia’s structure reflect its earlier heritage.

Join the Militia

The Militia is a loose coalition of several independent combat groups with operations in Colonia. How you join the militia will depend on your own allegiance.

As an independent pilot

Apply to join the Militia by contacting Cmdr Qwertyuiopas and completing the application form. You will be part of the Militia’s Twin Candles division, and hold the rank of Militia Recruit until you have completed your initial training.

As a member of a coalition group

Contact your Militia Command representative and ask to join. You will be given the rank of Militia Recruit or Colonia Militia depending on your Militia Commander’s assessment of your combat capabilities.

As a member of a non-coalition group

You are welcome to apply as an independent pilot – the Militia does not require exclusive membership. Alternatively, if your group has significant interest in Colonia, it may wish to join. Groups joining must sign the Colonia Militia Forces Agreement and have this ratified by the existing signatories, and will then be able to appoint a representative to Militia Command – speak to Cmdr Qwertyuiopas or any Militia Command member for further information.


Militia Ranks

  • Militia Recruit: new pilots start at this rank, and will be trained and assisted to develop their skills and ship. Due to the limited outfitting options in Colonia, this may require a trip back to the Sol bubble for specialist parts.
  • Colonia Militia: pilots at this rank are considered to have the ship and skills to fight effectively for Colonia
  • Colonia Marine: the most dedicated and skilled pilots will achieve this rank and lead the Militia in battle.

Pilots will increase in rank by proving their abilities in training and on assignments.

Militia operations and activities

Currently the Colonia Militia Forces are working on training and operational readiness, with a focus on wing fighting. The Militia are also currently fighting, together with many of Colonia’s other pilots, to protect TolaGarf’s Junkyard.

Previous operations have included protection of the CCC supply expedition departure, investigation of the Conflux region between two of the highway stations, and the suppression of criminal activity prior to handover of internal matters to the CEI.