CCN Statement On “Thargoids Return”

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The leadership of the Colonia Citizen’s Network (CCN) have noted with concern recent events in the Bubble. According to reports, it is highly likely that in the near future the alien race known as the Thargoids will be returning to human space – for good or for ill.

We understand this represents to many pilots merely opportunities – to study, communicate or more likely attempt to fight these visitors.

However, there will be many commanders who want no part in this.

Our scientists are of the opinion that historically this alien race has definitely not come in peace. That being said, they have seen no evidence of alien activity in the Colonia Region, and are therefore as certain as they can be that the aliens are not aware of our community.

We would therefore like to extend an invitation to all peaceful pilots to join us here at this brave new frontier for humanity.

Our facilities are vastly improved since our early days, with shipyards, and almost every module available to buy across over 50 stations and settlements. Mining and exploration opportunities are unparalleled. And the universally-acclaimed cyborg bartender Jaques makes the finest cocktails in the galaxy.

We believe there will be war in the bubble – whether it be alien against human, or power against power – sooner than you think. Join us in this safe haven.

Come to Colonia – you’re welcome.

One Comment on “CCN Statement On “Thargoids Return””

  1. I just arrived in Colonia and am looking forward to helping the region in any way I can. I have all the large ships and will have a couple transported here, Anaconda, Cutter, Python and maybe the Covette.

    I arrived in my Asp Exp.


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