The CCN Management Team (Coordinators)

To ensure that CCN functions well, a team of talented individuals have volunteered their skills and time to take on the various roles required. They will all share the title of Coordinator, with individual Coordinator roles. Due to the number of tasks involved with running CCN the Coordinators will be working closely with each other to spread the workload.

Role TitleResponsible PersonRole Description
CCN Coordination LeaderCMDR Head_CaseTo take on responsibility for ensuring the smooth operation of CCN on a daily basis. To promote CCN and Colonia to the Elite Dangerous community at large. Provide a leadership role and to work closely with the other CCN Coordinators providing support and assistance as and when required. Provide strategic planning to shape and direct CCN’s future in conjunction with the Coordination team.
Colonia Defence CoordinatorCMDR UnrealizationTo work closely with our partners in the Colonia region to develop a cohesive and effective defence strategy so as to be able to deal with threats to the region. To recruit additional volunteer pilots from CCN members in order to supplement the Militia and other interested parties. To develop training programmes to develop the combat skills of the Colonia Defence Force in conjunction with other local stakeholders.
Public Relations/Press CoordinatorCMDR WhitmannTo form a working relationship with the FDev community staff. To act as an interface between CCN, the Militia and the other factions/groups in the Colonia region. Being able to forge links and bonds with all parties is essential in order to get their participation in CCN events and projects. To identify, recruit and train a team of news gatherers. The purpose of the news team will be to provide news snippets and articles about happenings in Colonia and the wider Elite Dangerous world.
Website Content CoordinatorCMDR AtomicTo ensure the content of the website is up to date and accurate. To support independent bloggers in the Colonia region by ensuring they are offered blog space on the CCN website or, if they already have a blog, making it visible on our website. To promote CCN and the Colonia region to the Elite Dangerous community via the CCN website, FDev Forums, and other forms of social media.
Events and Projects CoordinatorCMDR WishblendTo develop a programme of events and projects on a rolling six month basis. The projects should be for the benefit of all Colonia inhabitants. To publish a list of events and projects with sign up forms on the CCN website. To actively advertise and promote forthcoming events on the CCN website and via other forms of social media. To identify,recruit and train suitable Project Leaders to organise and run forthcoming events and projects.
Website Technical CoordinatorCMDR Head_CaseTo ensure the availability of the CCN website. To ensure regular backups of the CCN website are taken. To keep the WordPress software and associated tools up to date and functioning optimally. To modify the website on request of the CCN Coordination team. To make available website usage statistics to the CCN Coordination team
Moderation Team Coordinator
CMDR HagzTo manage the team of moderators who ensure the correct usage of the CCN Discord server. Selecting and dismissing of moderators under the CCN moderation guidelines. Ensuring moderators are performing their task as required and, if necessary, providing guidance/training to improve their performance.