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Meet, Talk, Participate. Whether you fly solo, are a group leader, an explorer or a maverick Commander looking for a new start in the Colonia nebula, here’s the place to make things happen. Be The Network, Build The Future.

Born out of the August Exodus – A Jaunt to Jaques expedition of July-August 3302, the CCN Discord communication hub is a place for those dedicated to working in and around the Colonia Nebula, helping to establish and protect the first human colony beyond the frontier borders. It is hoped that this communication hub will help bring together the fledgling community and encourage CG cooperation, joint ventures, projects, provide entertainment, and be a great source of information on all developing colonial affairs.

If you have an interest in the colony and are thinking of setting up home there, the CCN is the ideal place to meet like minded players.

It is a community that has representatives from many different player groups who can provide support and coordination of player run colonial events. But primarily it is a collection of individuals all coming together for one common cause – to help create a colonial identity and give the colony initiative the community foundation it deserves. The CCN does not have an end date. As long as players use it and find it beneficial to their colonial life, it will always be online and available to enjoy and be part of.

Looking to Join the CCN – You can do that here, but be sure to read the rules first!

The Latest News from the Colonia Gazette

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Colonia Expansion Initiative

At its core, CCN is merely the sum of its various parts. We value dialogue and cooperation beyond differences. The Colonia region is populated by independent pilots as well as player minor factions. To learn more about the factions take a look! Let's see.

Projects & Expeditions

We believe in scientific research, mass events and knowing our new home. Whether you want to stick around Colonia or take off for the unknown, you will find an activity to take part in. Building our home is a constant effort. Let's see.

Colonia Militia Forces

United we stand to protect our countless explorers, adventures, miners and tourists. The CMF is a unique composite of many different player groups and faction, all deploying hardpoints together to maintain peace and safety in the nebula. Let's see.


We have the opportunity to know every corner of our region as it grows up; and we take care of making all this information public. Gathered by the people for the people, our Colonia resources are here to help you settle smoothly. Let's see.



The Colonia Gazette was established in early August 3302, as the Jaunt to Jaques expedition neared Colonia. Founded by a group of early Colonists, its purpose is to create a sense of Colonial identity and to bind the nascent community together. Over time the team has grown, and now comprises several Editors as well as many more regular and guest contributors. The Gazette features regular features on exploration, expeditions, science and research, current affairs, Colony life, events and interviews. Please get in touch if you’d like to submit an article or become a reporter. Let's see.

Media Coverage

CCN’s Media department has evolved from a few people writing articles to a large, multi-talented team of passionate creatives, all dedicated to spreading CCN’s message and promoting Colonia. Video We have many talented video editors, who both take live footage at events as well as create memorable videos to highlight and promote Colony life. Streaming We frequently broadcast from CCN’s Twitch channel, and ensure that all our events are covered on CCN TV. Social Media This is our most effective way to spread the message that Colonia is the most exciting place in the game to be. Let's see.